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Food Bank -Project Annapurna

  • Date - 22 Jul 2020


  • 4000000


  • 15000


  • 30

Rotarians Involved

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Rotaractors Involved

Under our Food Bank Project from 1st July to 20th July 2020, we have distributed HUL Premix 8,160 Packets of Coffee & Tea along with 10000 packets of Pepsi Co. Dorritos Chips value at INR 40 L. These goods were distributed to Hospitals...Old Age Home..Bustee Area..Ashram...Remote Areas...and so on. Some of the areas where we distributed goods: On 05th July 2020 at Sisters of the poor, AJC Bose Road. On 06th July 2020 handed over tea packets to Kolkata police for distribution. On 11th July 2020 at Bhakhali-S24PGS and New Alipore, Kolkata. On 16th July 2020 at Marwari Relief Society, Vishudanand Hospital Burtolla & Ameherst Street, Navneer Chetla old age home, Shanti Dham old age home, Dutta Bad bustee, Chakraberia bustee, Bhowanipore Eye clinic, Ram Krishna Mission, Singur, Cinni Asha- Pottery Rd, Trinamool Sadan-Chetla and so on. On 19th July 2020 at Bhowanipore, Saltlake, Falta. Efforts of Chairman Vikram Dugar for arranging and coordinating with Indian Food Banking Network was exemplary... Logistics done by Rtn.Raj Somani made it easy to handle the whole consignment...