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R C Kasba's Secretary's responsibility in Clubs/Trusts/Cooperative Societies/ Companies etc on 07 Nov 2020 from 7 to 9 pm

  • Date - 07 Nov 2020
    • Club Name : Rotary Club of Kasba
    • Club Id :85507
    • President :Dr Kajal Kajal Ghosal
    • Contact :+91 9830225819
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Rotary Club of Kasba of District 3291 arranged a unique program on Secretary's responsibilities in Rotary Clubs / Trusts / Cooperative Societies/ Government and Non-Government Entities and Companies on Saturday, 07th Nov 2020 from 7 to 9 pm. Kasba Club Trainer Rtn Subhasish Bose and Club Secretary Rtn Avisek Saha as usual inaugurate the program by lighting the lamp at Kasba Club's permanent venue at Kamala Park and have the National Anthem before going to the main program. Rtn Subhasish as the Moderator introduces each and every Speaker including Chief Guest and other District Officials before handing over to the persons for their speech one after another. PDG Jhulan Basu in his speech thanked Subhasish for organizing programs for Treasurer and Secretaries separately with so many professionals besides Club Presidents proving the necessity of the posts in any Club and other organizations. He personally pointed out that a good Club Secretary can give full support to the Club President in every Rotary Year. DGN Ajay Laha in his speech thanked Subhasish for organizing such a program with such professionals both from Professional Institute Past President CS Mamta Binani and also from the Rotary District 3291 like PP Rtn Anirudha Guha, PP Rtn Prabir Banerjee, PP Rtn Niladri Dutta, and others. Both PDG Jhulan Basu and DGN Ajay Laha are now being in Shantiniketan. PP Rtn Hariram Garg being present thru the Whatts app but unfortunately can't have a good internet connection from Siliguri was not able to give a speech at the program. Rtn Subhasish informed the participants that both Hariramji and Subhasish of Calcutta Bhowanipore formed Calcutta Maidan and Kasba Club separately in the Year 2013. Madam CS Dr. Mamta Binani being a Doctorate and Practising Company Secretary and being the 2nd Lady President in 50 years of the Company Secretary Institute, in her speech at first thanked Subhasish for a good relation with her for the last 28 years from 1992 through the Institute of Company Secretary. In her speech, she remarked that the Secretary in every organization should have good training before taking the responsibility of the post of Secretary either in Club or Trust or Cooperative Societies or Companies, etc. She pointed out that like the Institute of Company Secretaries the NGOs like Rotary and Lions with other organizations must arrange good training before selecting the person as Secretary since the position of Secretary runs the organization from behind the Board of Directors or Trustees or Members of Cooperative Societies and also in Clubs. She especially remarked that the Club President though is the head of the said year but good Secretary and Treasurer are also very important to run the Club smoothly. Discussing the subject Rtn Subhasish informed all the participants that he personally joined Rotary in the year 1995 and being the Club President in 2003-04 after being Club Secretary in the years 1997-98, 1999-2000, and 2000-01 which helps him to know the Rotary work in depth which helps to date in his 25th year. He added that for recent years many Clubs selected their Club President when a New Member joins within 2 to 3 years and then starts working at the District level as AG or ZS without knowing anything about ABC of Rotary. On the subject, Madam Mamta being a Past President of the Company Secretary Institute also said that without educational qualification any organization will break down after a period of time if it goes year after year and the level of NGOs like Clubs will face problems. PP Rtn Anirudha Guha being a Rotarian from 1995 as a Speaker on the subject " Secretary's responsibility in Rotary Clubs" very nicely gives a detailed description of the Secretaries role in a Club from holding Board Meeting, RWM, Annual Meeting, reporting all the reports to District and Rotary International. Secretaries also have to take the responsibility of paying RI Dues, District Dues, Rotary News payment etc on behalf of the Club, etc. PP Rtn Niladri Dutta being a Rotarian from 2013, a Charter Secretary of Kasba Rotary Club in his speech on Secretaries' role in Trusts and Cooperative societies gives detailed provisions of laws both of Indian Trust Act and Cooperative Societies Laws with Accounts and Audit of both State laws and Central Laws. Discussing the subject Rtn Subhasish informed the participants that the Rotary Club of Kasba being a Charitable registered Trust have its PAN Card from the formation and the Cub file Income Tax Return as per Income Tax laws which we all the Clubs should follow otherwise in very near future the Clubs might receive Letters from Income Tax Authority. PP Rtn Prabir Banerjee of Rotary Club of Calcutta Dalhousie being a Rotarian from 2003, the Past District Treasurer in 2016-17 in his speech remarked that the most important thing of a Rotary Club to have Members of quality rather than quantity which is going on year after year and fails drastically having the number same as 20 years before. He remarked that if he says such a thing many District Leaders say bad words to him because they want numbers, not quality. As a Doctorate and a Senior Chartered Accountant, he is always with quality members rather than numbers having no basic educational qualifications. He added that in past days to be a Rotarian he or she must be 30 years and should have Professional Qualification or well settled in their business or in their job, which in recent years was out from the strategy. For this, the Clubs face a serious problem from their own members for their minimum requirement of paying Club fees in time which day be day deteriorates the club status having such members in the club. The Club President has to run every year to have Club Fees by several time requests to their own members, which is very bad, then ultimately they left the organization without paying their fees and the burden of their fees came to the Club Board or to the President since he or she leads the Club in that year. He also stresses that every Club must have PAN Card and audit their Club Accounts regularly by a Chartered Accountant as per the law of the land. Discussing the subject PP Rtn Niladri Dutta, being a Cost Accountant remarked that they have only 10 Members in Kasba Club, most of them having Professional Qualifications. In 2020 Kasba Club inducted a Past Chairman of Costing Institute Rtn Pranab Kumar Chakraborty and a Lawyer & CS Arani Guha. Rtn Niladri Dutta also thanked PP Rtn Prabir Banerjee for being the person behind the Rotary District 3291, who initiated to have the PAN Card of District 3291 after so many years crossing 100 years of this District which really astonished each and every Rotarian when they came to know at their previous workshop of Club Accounts and PAN requirement. He also added that we are very cautious of the Clubs whereas District has their PAN Card at the time of PDG Shyamasree Sen in 2016-17 only. Lastly, after the meeting, Rtn Avisek Saha being the Club Secretary gives a Vote of thanks to all the Speakers and the District Leaders including PDG Jhulan Basu, DGN Ajay Laha., Rtn Hariram Garg, Rtn Ashoke Samanta, Rtn Surendra Kumar Lahoti, Rtn Sayak Gupta, Rtn Pradip Coomer, Rtn Sumita Mitra, Rtn Anand Kumar Sharma, Rtn Sharmila Roy Rtn Kunal Lahoti who were present throughout the program. Before ending the program Secretary Avisek Saha informed the participants that the next program of Kasba Club is " INVESTOR AWARENESS PROGRAM"on 10th Dec 2020 from 2 pm for few hours in an open public playground with Police protection where the Hon'ble Minister, Shri Javed Ahmed Khan ji will inaugurate the program with PDG Anjan Kumar, Practising Chartered Accountant.



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