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  • Date - 18 Feb 2021
    • Club Name : Rotary Club of Kasba
    • Club Id :85507
    • President :Dr Kajal Kajal Ghosal
    • Contact :+91 9830225819
    • Email Id :

Rotary Club of Kasba of District 3291 arranged their 2nd Investor awareness Program at their Bantala venue at a local Club " Bhatri Sangha" where more than 150 persons especially village women were present at the program. The Program was a Joint Project with a total of 10 Clubs of District 3291 without any co-host charges. As requested by Rtn Subhasish RC Cal Avyanna gives excellent cakes to all the participants, R C Calcutta South Suburban gives nice biscuit packs individually to all the participants and RC Kolkata Digiworld gives Eclairs to all the persons present at the venue which was a real joint project. The venue has been finalized by Subhasish Bose with the permission of the NGO DAS, Madam Purabi di, and with the help of the local Teacher Smt Saraswati di we were able to have 150+ women at the venue. The program was inaugurated by DGE Prabir Chatterjee just at 2 pm and for his outside Kolkata program, he has to leave the venue at 2.30 pm. He was felicitated by the Kasba Club founder Member Rtn Subhasish Bose by an idol of God Ganesh and a photo of Old Kolkata with a Flower and as in practice with a Uttorio. Besides him, the Program was inaugurated by Subhasish Bose of RC Kasba being a Rotarian from 1995, Rtn Asish Kumar Das, of R C Cal South Subarbun being a Rotarian from 2015, Rtn Pranab Kumar Chakraborty, of R C Kasba being a Rotarian from 2020, Rtn Avisek Saha of R C Kasba , Rotarian from 2016 and Rtn Gautam Karmakar of R C Digiworld Kolkata, Rotarian from 2021. Kasba Rotary Club is initiating this Investor Awareness Program with effect from 2014 at the time of PDG Pinaki Prasad Ghosh and is continuing the same program till date up to 2020-21. For Kasba Club all the PDGs up to IPDG Ajay Agarwal from 2014 were able to have the Prize from all the District Governors whoever was in the Post. Among all the District Governors PDG Brojo Gopal Kundu is the only DG of our District 3291, who assist Kasba Club by giving direct District Fund to this Investor Awareness Program and he is the only person who guides Kasba Club to make a very big Banner of a size of 20' x 15' from his 2017-18 till date. In today's program, Rtn Subhasish Bose being a professional Company Secretary from 1993 and Former Chairman of Company Secretary Institute, directs the general public to follow the individual decision to invest their funds to only Banks and Post Office, etc. Rtn Pranab Kumar Chakraborty, a member of R C Kasba being the Former Chairman of Costing Institute requests all the participants to follow all the minimum guidelines as in the past to save their earnings for their accidental expenses like children education, health, etc. IPP Rtn Asish Kumar Das, being the Chairman of the year 2020-21 of Investor awareness Committee suggests all the participants invest their funds in Government based Authorities and have Medical Insurance for their own Family. Rtn Gautam Karmakar, of R C Kolkata Digiworld in his speech requested all the participants to know the procedure of writing their claim of their dues to the concerned authorities following the guidelines of the Government and for this, he shared his write up to all the persons concerned and requested them to ring him in his mobile number. PP Rtn Pravat Bhanu Mitra of RC Cal South Suburban, a Rotarian from 1994 in his speech mentioned an excellent story and requested all the public to invest their own fund in a secured government organization rather than in any unscrupulous corporate entity. Rtn Avisek Saha being the Kasba Rotary Club Secretary a Rotarian from 2016 in his speech gives stress to save more than bad expenses for future requirement of any untoward situation. Rtr Virendra Gupta, a Rotaractor of Kasba Rotaract Club, being a Company Secretary in his speech requested all the participants to use the mobile phone very cautiously otherwise their whole bank deposits will be mitigated by bad people. After the speech of all the Speakers, there was huge number of queries from the participants which were nicely replied to by all the persons who sit at the head table. Lastly, all the persons end the program by singing National Anthem and handing over a token of gift to all the Speakers and Rotarians by PP Rtn Subhasish Bose, Chairman of Career Awareness Committee 2020-21 of District 3291.



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